March 2012

Eco-pal has its own world
Preparation and seeing through a small project titled "Eco-pal has its own world ":
  1. execution of a character Eco-Pal;
  2. preparation of the Decalogue of Eco-pal in the illustrated form;
  3. development of a guide titled "Eco taste" on how to care for health and beauty;
  4. the making of recycled eco-gadgets such as jewellery, handbags, key rings, wallets, hairpins, combs, etc. - exchanging pictures.
31 March
Project meeting in France. 18-24 March  

February 2012

  1. Preparation of invitations and name tags to the eco-party.
  2. Designs of clothes made of waste materials.
  3. Organization of an eco-party.

December 2011/January 2012

Organizing the collection for animal shelters. 31 December
Development of an animal atlas. 31 January

November 2011

Organizing trips to the Forest District, meeting with forestry, conducting lessons on animal feeding. 30 November
Making of bird tables. 30 November

September/October 2011

The World Car Free Day: a) an art competition b) "Bicycle as ecological means of transport" - a bike trip for students c)a task solving race on the ecological subject. 30 September
31 October
Project meeting in Slovenia 9-15 October  
Publishing of a booklet including the routes of the eco-races and a set of tasks on the ecological subject. 5-11 October  

May/June 2011

Organization and seeing through a selective collection of recyclable materials (paper, batteries, toners). 31 May
Respecting the paper and other materials through rational use in art classes and workshops - the making of the globes from waste stationary materials. 31 May
Project meeting in Greece. 5-11 June
'Where and how do we relax in our region?' - trips to the most interesting spots in the region. 15 June
"Where and how do we relax in our region?"-preparation of a guidebook on interesting places in the region. 30 June  

April 2011

Virtual meeting with the coordinators in order to summarize the last two months of the project work,to discuss the activities planned to accomplish in April and the project meeting in Recanati (Italy). 3 April  
Project meeting in Italy. 7-13 April
Drafting short stories, comics, poems titled "What are school flowers whispering about?". 30 April

March 2011

An ecological knowledge tournament for the title of Ecology Guard. Participation in that contest gave our students the opportunity to check their knowledge and expand it on the natural conditions of their region, changes in the environment and environmental issues. 21 March
School pot-plant tending - the most beautiful "green corner" competition. With that activity we promoted environmental attitudes among students. 21 March
Greening school grounds. Through planting trees and flowers in the school area our students learnt respect for nature and took responsibility for her condition. 31 March

January/February 2011

Analysis of the "Is your house eco-friendly?" survey results. 31 January
Updating the common website and the Comenius Wall. 31 January  
Preparation of the following final products:
- a common directory containing drawings and descriptions of selected species of trees and shrubs found in the vicinity;
- an album presenting the selected animate or inanimate objects of nature;
- a herbarium.
31 January
Virtual meeting with the coordinators in order to summarize the last six months of the project work, discuss the activities planned to accomplish in February and the project meeting in Carei. 4 February  
Project meeting in Romania. 9-13 February
Development of a small project titled "My house and its impact on immediate surroundings."
a) conducting a series of lessons on energy, water and other natural resources saving;
b) radio broadcast titled "Sustainably and comfortably";
c) video series showing the interdependence of humans and the environment.
Those activities helped us raise the awareness in students about the relationship between their daily activities and the ecological situation of the Earth and the need for rational management of natural resources and promote effective measures to protect the environment.
28 February

November/December 2010

Project meeting in Poland. 28 November - 4 December
Logo contest-results During the project meeting there was an exhibition of the works made by the students from the participating countries. The guests together with the students and teachers from the host school voted for the logo they liked best. There were 59 drawings made by the students aged 10-13, and the total number of visitors was 42. The highest number of votes received the logo prepared by Karolina Radzikowska, a thirteen-year-old girl from Poland 3 December
Survey delivery titled "Is your house eco-friendly?" in order to urge students to assess their attitudes towards the environment. The survey included 23 questions and was conducted among one hundred students aged between 9 and 14. 22 December
Preparing and exchanging Christmas cards with eco-wishes. Each school was responsible for making 60 greeting cards -10 for each partner. Students used waste stationary materials and wrote their own eco- wishes. 22 December

October/November 2010

'Our monuments of nature'. Students searched in their vicinity for interesting animate and inanimate objects of nature. They took photos of them and write short descriptions about the chosen objects. All the materials prepared by students will be used to prepare an album, a final product, presenting the selected animate and inanimate monuments of nature.  
'Trees and shrubs' Students made a review of common species of trees and shrubs in the vicinity. First, they searched for the most interesting species of trees and shrubs. Then they collected materials necessary to prepare a catalogue of selected species and a herbarium: photos and leaves. Next, they made drawings of the chosen trees and shrubs and dried leaves , and finally, they prepared descriptions including basic information of the selected species. All the materials gathered by students will be used to develop a common catalogue and a shared herbarium.  
Conducting of lessons on natural science (geography) in order to familiarize the students with the natural conditions of their own region. October

September 2010

Starting the website on which information about the project: subjects, aims, planned activities, participating schools is introduced. 20 August  
The meeting of the teachers involved in the Comenius project in order to discuss the tasks to accomplish. 1 September  
Preparing the Power Point presentations on own school. 7 September
Preparing a radio program for students and teachers devoted to the project: its theme, participating countries, tasks to accomplish in September. 10 September
The competition for the project logo. September
'Our new friends':
- preparing posters about natural environment of the partner countries, national symbols, natural conditions, interesting places;
- developing mini-dictionariescontaining basic words and phrases in the partner countries languages;
- preparing leaflets about the cities/towns participating in the project.
Preparing the Comenius Wall- the information boards on the collaboration project and the partner schools. 20 September
Preparing a radio program for parents devoted to the project. 22 September  
Making a leaflet about the project. 22 September  
The meeting of the students involved in the Comenius project in order to discuss the first project meeting in Poland. 27 September  
Conducting interviews examining the expectations of students and teachers towards the project. 28 September
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